There are ample opportunities to volunteer. We have positions to fit everyone’s skills and interests.

At the Solanus Center we are in need of volunteers to:

  • Help run our Gift Shop that operates 7 days a week (Gift Shop shifts are 4 or 8 hours, twice a month.)
  • Assist in our fund raising events
  • Giving guided tours of our pilgrimage center (Tours are 1 1/2 hours as needed when scheduled.)
  • Adopt a garden and tend to the plantings and care of a garden on the grounds of the Solanus Casey Center
  • Sew and assemble vestments and altar linens as part of the St. Bonaventure Eucharistic Mission Band
  • Fulfill Corporal & Spiritual Acts of Mercy (Volunteer at various ministries and organizations dedicated to the material and spiritual needs of others.)

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact Sally McCuen smccuen@thecapuchins.org or 313.579.2100, ext. 1149 for more information.