Center’s Annual Fund

Dear friend of the Solanus Casey Center,

Good things often come in small packages.

In three of the Holy Gospels, Jesus Christ likens the Kingdom of Heaven to the mustard seed, a very small grain from which blossoms a mighty plant. Our Blessed Solanus often counseled how our seemingly small seed of faith can produce heavenly rewards.

In counseling a couple about their young daughter’s eye trouble, he suggested “a little confidence” in God’s benevolence:

“...shake off the excessive worry and instead exercise a little confidence in God’s merciful providence by first promising something – even a little sacrifice of some kind in thanksgiving if things go well.”

Today it is all too easy to overlook the value of little things, even when they serve as tokens of a mighty faith.

I’m writing as I do every year to ask you to support our Solanus Casey Center Annual Fund Appeal. Our Annual Fund allows us to maintain the Center as a place of prayer, to call for the intercession of Blessed Solanus in our lives and to work toward wider recognition of him as an example of reverence and faith for all of us.

I’m hoping you will choose once again to show your faith in us and devotion to Blessed Solanus. Join us in our work of spreading the gospel message by supporting our Annual Fund Appeal.

The last year has proven quite a challenge. The pandemic forced us to close our doors for an extended period last spring. This is why your support is so important! As a champion of Blessed Solanus and his mission on earth, you help us continue operating when times are hard.

The Solanus Casey Center is uniquely blessed; a feeling of serenity is palpable — from the Creation Garden, to the Beatitude sculptures and Hall of Saints, to the Chapel where Blessed Solanus himself prayed. So many have found comfort, grace, healing, and even miraculous cures here through the intercession of Blessed Solanus.

Every day, prayer intentions are placed at his tomb asking for his help, very often prayers for the healing of a seriously-ill loved one. If you would like, please send me your intentions — there’s room to write them on the reply form — and I will be sure they are included in our prayers.

Blessed Solanus’ most famous saying was: “Thank God ahead of time for whatever He chooses to send your way.” I want to thank you in advance for your ongoing support. In these difficult times, we need to stay in prayer and share our faith in Jesus Christ.

God bless you! You are always in my prayers.

Wishing you peace and blessings,

Father David Preuss, OFM Cap.
Director, Solanus Casey Center

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