Reflecting on Your Pilgrimage


Upon completion of your pilgrimage, the following ideas are suggested as culmination activities:

  • Canned food and clothing drive to help feed and clothe the poor
  • A daily/weekly prayer for Canonization of Blessed Solanus Casey
  • Study the spirituality of Bl. Solanus and discover ways that you can adopt his spirituality in your own life. A suggested readling list may include: Meet Solanus Casey,The Porter of Saint Bonaventure's,Solanus Casey - The Official Account of a Virtuous American Life (these books and more available in the Solanus Casey Gift Shop ).
  • Additional prayers



  • A daily/weekly prayer for the Canonization of Blessed Solanus Casey
  • Have your class organize a canned food or clothing drive to help feed and clothe the poor
  • Acts of kindness journal (Primary grade children would illustrate/intermediate grades would illustrate and record)
  • Dedicate a wall or bulletin board in your school to Solanus Casey (It would be a reflection of his holy life)
  • Create a pathway to sainthood booklet (Include the steps to sainthood and each student could either illustrate a picture or write a report about their favorite saint)
  • A Solanus Play (Reenactment of the life of Solanus as a young man and a Capuchin)
  • The Beatitudes of Christ (List individuals who are peacemakers in the world today)
  • List the corporal and spiritual works of mercy and offer suggestions of ways these works of mercy can be lived out. (Primary grades can illustrate)
  • Write a letter to Pope Francis stating why you believe Bl. Solanus Casey should become a saint.(Please mail letters to our Hospitality Coordinator and they will be mailed to Rome)
  • Have a prayer petition wall in your classroom (Students  record prayers needed for loved ones/reinforces the need and power of prayer)
  • Gratitude and Appreciation were Solanus’ favorite words. ( Primary grades can illustrate their gratitude: home, family etc./intermediate grades record a gratitude journal)
  • For our younger children, there is a comic book available Solanus Casey, Servant of the Sick and Poor. This beautifully illustrated comic book tells the story of Gina, a little girl who is troubled about the sickness of her grandmother.  Her friend Jose take Gina to meet his own grandmother who tells of the simple life of Father Solanus, who was and is a powerful intercessor with God for the sick and poor. (Available through the Solanus Casey Gift Shop)
  • Available online, children as young as five and adults of all ages will enjoy the colorful, engaging film, EXTRAORDINARY.The film features eleven different stories that introduce children to this humble priest's spirituality and ministry. Each segment features a child who tells a fascinating and true story about Blessed Solanus. As the story unfolds, another child colors a large drawing that is eventually revealed to be a colorful illustration of the segment. View Entire Film 72 Minute Film or view the stories, one at a time. Please note each story has its own video segment, own drawing, and own study guide questions.