Solanus Casey Center Year of Mercy:
Video Presentations and Study Guide

Each session is approximately 45 minutes

If you are presenting to a group/class and wish a DVD set: There will be a nominal charge of $7.50 for handling/shipping. Please mail your request (including shipping instructions and check made payable to Solanus Casey Center) to Solanus Casey Center, Attn: MERCY, 1820 Mt. Elliott St., Detroit, MI 48207

The accompanying Solanus Casey Center Year of Mercy Study Guide can be downloaded here.

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Tour the Solanus Casey Center

We invite you to plan a trip to the Solanus Casey Center, Detroit. View this short 3 minute tour of the Center.

Year of Mercy Video Presentations

Pope Francis & Mercy, Session I

Pope Francis & Mercy, Session II

Father Solanus & Mercy, Session I

Father Solanus & Mercy, Session II