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The Journey of Hope as a Walking Tabernacle


We are a walking tabernacle because God dwells in us and reveals his activity through us. As Christian, it reflects the event that involves all the baptized. A walking tabernacle is the saving work of Christ, our savior. As tangible, inspiring liturgical creatures, we are invited to participate in the liturgical activity to praise, honor, and give glory to our creator, God. St. Pope Paul VI, wrote in one of his encyclical Sacrosanctum Concilium that “Liturgical services are not private functions, but are celebrations of the Church, which [call for] “sacrament of unity, namely, the holy people united and ordered under their bishops” (SC, 26). Accordingly, the liturgical ritual is such that it engages the faith community’s participation; not an individual stage for a performance. It should be interactive and interpersonal even with its sacramental symbols in the church. Hence these symbols establish a touchable relationship with God and his people. So, together we become the walking tabernacle, the sacred space of Christ.

Spring Solanus News

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Continuing the Cause

New Vice-postulator leads next stage on road to canonization

The 2017 beatification of Blessed Solanus Casey signaled a major milestone on the path to sainthood. With Father Solanus now declared “Blessed” by Pope Francis, Br. Richard Merling and Fr. Larry Webber, Co-vice-postulators for the Cause of Canonization for Blessed Solanus, are moving on to new ministry roles. Fr. Ed Foley will lead the next phase, culminating in, if God wills it, a new saint for the universal Church: Father Solanus Casey.

The Renovation of the Chapel is Complete

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With the renovation of St. Bonaventure Chapel complete, people are gathering once more for Mass and the Blessing of the Sick. The renovation was historically inspired with the hope of capturing various elements of the worship space from the time that Blessed Solanus prayed in the chapel.

The ceiling displays a gentle blue hue with wooden beams augmenting the Gothic styled arches. At various points, flecks of gold are added to pillars and patterns along the choir loft’s balcony.

The ornate wooden main altar is once again the home of the Blessed Sacrament. The altar, which is well over a hundred years old, was lifted and a new sanctuary floor constructed to feature the ambo, the presider’s chair and the altar table used for consecration.


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The Solanus Casey Center will be closing the Chapel entrance on Mt. Elliott while the Chapel roof is being replaced. Construction is expected to last three weeks and it will start on Monday, October 1. Massgoers should park in the lot on Kercheval and enter the building through the back entrance.