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Homily of Fr. Edward Foley, Capuchin on the Feast of Blessed Solanus Casey

For those of us
    Devoted to the person of Solanus
    Animated by the spirituality of Solanus
    Encouraged by the ministry of Solanus

    This is a glorious feast at a decidedly inglorious time
    A gracious ritual in the midst of much public incivility
    And a festival that promotes charity, even communion
        While our country as well as much of the world
        Is battered with waves of prejudice
        and riptides of polarization.

Great Vision through the Eyesight of Francis

Screen shot 2019-10-03 at 9.46.58 pm

The Beauty of My Vision was Mesmerized by Mother Earth

This great mystery portrays Francis’ eyesight

The boundless loveliness of the Mother Earth (Ecology)       

Mother earth is the thick green (wood forest) of hope


The thick green of Fonte Colombo

And La Foresta reflect the Silo of God’s gift

In this dense

The mother-earth spread-out

With her Massive generosity

Oh, what a magnificent Thick Green!

You are the graphic arts of God’s reservoir!

Great vision through the eyes of St. Francis



I am a leper

In the valley of Rivo Torto, Assisi

Francis became a living gospel

Oh! Absolutely!

My treasurable leper’s colony,

My advance school of the gospel’s truth


Leper! My beauty! My love!

You are the gateway to embrace my Abba

The cradle of my wholesome identity and dignity

What was bitter is now sweeter

What was scary

Has now become the beauty of my embrace!