Great vision through the eyes of St. Francis

By Br. Anthony Kote-Witah


The Beauty of My Vision was Mesmerized by Mother Earth

This great mystery portray Francis’ eyesight

The boundless loveliness of the Mother Earth (Ecology)       

Mother earth is the thick green (wood forest) of hope


The thick green of Fonte Colombo

And La Foresta reflect the silo of God’s gift

In this dense

The mother-earth spread-out

With her Massive generosity

Oh what a magnificent Thick Green!

You are the graphic arts of God’s reservoir!


Out of the thick green, solitude was revealed


The thick green is the shelter-cave of contemplation

Truly so, the hermitage birthplace of Francis’ vision

Out of the interior galaxy of the thick green

Flows the blue fountain zeal

The zeal that motivates vocations

The first, the second and third orders were born

It permeate the true vision of mission

And of compassionate joy

In the light of contemplative ministry


Through welcoming hospitality of this thick green,

Divine callings are born

It charmed the route of optimism for many

In this thick-green the true gospel became fleshly alive

For a tangible Christ-like

Out of this thick green, Francis embrace

The diligent beauty of Christ’s unconditional love

Thus, revealed the beautiful vision of his eyesight

It shows the splendor of his smile and touching empathy

Positively so,

Francis became a touchable gospel

with faithful compassion to all created things,

Including ecology, the thick green of hopefulness


In this virgin green of Greccio in Rieti Valley

Empathy blow-out wildfire of the discounted

Even wild wolf became his perfect bodyguard

He celebrated a delightful bouquet

Birds joins in singing anthem of celestial melody

Lepers, became his first teacher and companion

What was bitter now becomes sweeter

Unquestionably so,

This is the benchmark of transformation

That grew from the cave-rock of the thick green

With which you and I embraced