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Planting Seeds of Goodness

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Seeds sow in dry soil surprisingly give forth life.  What to make of it?

With God You are Never Left Out

    Feeling left out happens to all of us at some point in our lives.  A friend invites other friends to a gathering and you are not included.  A group of people are talking about a shared experience that you were not a part of and their chattiness and body language lets you know you are not included.  There are countless versions of this experience of being left out.  Being left out is another type of rejection.

Fr. Solanus: Still Opening Doors to God

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The 31st of July marks the 60th Anniversary of Fr. Solanus’ death.  Remembrances and prayers will be offered at four scheduled liturgies the weekend prior to the day itself.  A sense of celebration and joy pervades the anniversary of Fr Solanus’ death. Why would celebration and joy be paired with a death?

Nourishing the Soul Pasta Fellowship Dinner

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We invite you to a time of prayer and fellowship as we meet at the table of the Lord and gather around the table of fellowship. Please join us here at the Solanus Casey Center on Saturday, June 24th for Mass at 4:00 p.m. followed by a pasta dinner prepared by the Capuchin Soup Kitchen Catering.