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Renovation Update: Sept. 20, 2018


All Masses, daily and Sunday, will be now held in our dining room. The Friars’ Chapel is closed. The counseling room has been transformed into a Blessed Sacrament/Meditation Room. Our counseling room has been moved to another office. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Renovation Update: Sept. 2018


Join us in practicing the virtue of patience as our chapel is undergoing historically inspired renovations. As a result, all Masses are now being held in the Solanus Casey Center dining room. Renovations are scheduled to be completed in December.

Chapel Renovation

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The St. Bonaventure Monastery Chapel at the Solanus Casey Center will be closed for renovation starting Monday, August 27. The renovations of the chapel will be historically inspired from the time Bl. Solanus was the porter of the monastery. The new worship space will follow current liturgical norms and be able to accommodate more pilgrims for Mass and services. The steeples of the chapel have already been renovated.

Breaking Racial Barriers

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How do we get beyond the racial barriers that are halting our conversations and interactions?  A recent workshop opened a path for further exploration.