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Chapel Renovation

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The St. Bonaventure Monastery Chapel at the Solanus Casey Center will be closed for renovation starting Monday, August 27. The renovations of the chapel will be historically inspired from the time Bl. Solanus was the porter of the monastery. The new worship space will follow current liturgical norms and be able to accommodate more pilgrims for Mass and services. The steeples of the chapel have already been renovated.

Breaking Racial Barriers

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How do we get beyond the racial barriers that are halting our conversations and interactions?  A recent workshop opened a path for further exploration.

Making a Deeper Connection with God

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Traditionally the start of a new year is bursting with New Year’s resolutions.  Diets, exercise, and organization top the list of people looking to make lifestyle improvements.  Another area that some people look to improve is their relationship with God.  Some people look to the new year as a chance to deepen their relationship with God and find more relevant avenues to recognize the Divine in their lives.  Spiritual Direction is an excellent tool to assist in enhancing one’s relationship with this loving Being that called all things into existence.

Grace-Filled Weekend

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In these days after the Beatification, every time I refer to it I use the term "grace-filled."  Being at the center of the planning and the celebration itself, the actual celebration of the Beatification was almost like an out of body experience: it seemed so peaceful, beautiful, uplifting - and after so many years of working for it almost unreal to realize it was actually happening.