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We welcome you to learn more about Father Solanus and the center that is devoted to his spirit and holiness. The award winning center is a sacred space filled with God's Grace.



We need to remember Solanus’ love of Christ and the Eucharist

(Saturday, April 1, Noon) Capuchin Fr. Michael Crosby, theologian for Solanus’ cause, will help us appreciate this primary love of Father Solanus. Starting with a simple lunch followed by a presentation at the Solanus Casey Center. Presented by the Father Solanus Guild and Solanus Casey Center.


Solanus Casey Center’s Lenten Series

During this time of prayer and fasting, we invite you to reflect on how to be inspired to serve in preparation for Easter. Starting with a Noon Mass, join us for our Lenten Series every Wednesday until April 12.

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Words & Wisdom From Father Solanus

Prayer Request

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Recent Pilgrimages

Our hope is that our pilgrims will leave with a refreshed commitment to the Gospel

Recent pilgrimages


We currently have 23 men at various levels of formation, as well as those who are living in resident candidacy. These men differ in age, culture, and have unique vocation stories.


Young Adults

The world today offers many options for young adults and often the choices can create crisis. Venerable Solanus Casey would be able to identify with that kind of crisis.

Young Adults

Get To Know Father Solanus

Be inspired by the life and message of Father Solanus Casey in order to achieve a deeper, more intimate relationship with God

Get to know Father Solanus