The Solanus Casey Center in Detroit offers frequent programming. Below is our most recent programs. Please share this video page with friends and family. Share the holiness and spirituality of Venerable Solanus Casey.

For our many Fr. Solanus devotees who reside outside of Detroit, our programs are available via live streaming. Please visit our website regularly to learn Live Streaming opportunities.

2018 LENTEN SERIES: THE WISDOM OF BL. SOLANUS "Blessed be God in all His designs."

2018 Lenten Series: The Wisdom of Bl. Solanus "Thank God ahead of time."



Solanus Center Advent Series "Faith"

Father Solanus Casey's Beatification Mass

A Simple Story of a Humble Man - Bl. Solanus Casey

Our Sunday Visitor: The Beatification of Fr. Solanus Casey

Remembering Fr. Solanus: The Life and Spirituality of Fr. Solanus Casey

60th Anniversary of the Death of Venerable Solanus Casey Mass

We Need to Remember Solanus' Love of Our Blessed Mother

Beatification of Father Solanus Casey Announcement by Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron

We need to remember Solanus' love of Christ and the Eucharist 

Capuchin Fr. Michael Crosby, theologian for Solanus’ cause, will help us appreciate this primary love of Father Solanus.

Detroit Remembers Fr. Solanus

The Capuchins Remember Fr. Solanus

Capuchin Friars Dan Crosby, Richard Merling, Pius Cotter, Werner Wolf, Brian Braun, Jim Andres share their recollections of Fr. Solanus.

The Casey Family Remembers Fr. Solanus

Sr. Anne Herkenrath, SNJM, Grandniece & Dr. Jim Conley, Grandnephew with Br. Richard Merling, Fr. Solanus Guild Director

Compassion & Understanding

Capuchin Friar Keith Clark examines Compassion & Understanding in today's world.

Year of Mercy

In honor of Pope Francis declaration of a Year of Mercy, the Solanus Casey Center scheduled a series of four video presentations presented by Capuchin Friar Daniel Crosby: Pope Francis & Mercy; Fr. Solanus & Mercy. Click here for more.

Hall of Saints

Each saints story inspired Father Solanus. Explore our Hall of Saints with these videos and take time to reflect how you can be inspired by their holy lives. Click here for more

Fr. Solanus & Young Adults: Living an Integrated Life

Capuchin Friar Jack Rathschmidt discusses how young people today live an incredibly fast-paced life. They are constantly connected to the on-line world in many ways. Young people will hear examples of how Father Solanus handled stress. All will learn to use their faith as their foundation while managing their lives with more meaning.

Father Solanus & Spiritual Outsiders

Capuchin Friar Martin Pable discusses examples of Father Solanus' ministry to unbelievers and those who have drifted away from their faith. Like Jesus, Solanus' heart wept for those who had given up practicing their faith. You will reflect on how we might embody some of those attitudes in our own relationships with these "spiritual outsiders."

The Face of Faith Found in Solanus Casey

Capuchin Friar Michael H. Crosby, well-known international speaker and author of seventeen award winning books, explores and applies Solanus Casey's understanding of faith in a way that speaks to the hearts of those who listen. He will show that without this faith, we can't truly love God, much less put our hope in God. Father Mike is the author of the Positio for the Cause of Canonization of Solanus Casey, OFM Cap. Its acceptance by Pope John Paul II resulted in him being named 'Venerable' the first U.S. born male to receive that title.