Missionaries of Mercy

The Capuchin Province of St. Joseph’s Provincial Minister, Father Michael Sullivan, will be leading a group of seven Capuchin friars to Rome where February 9, Pope Francis will celebrate Holy Mass with and for Capuchins worldwide during the Jubilee Year of Mercy. 

Fr. Michael has assembled our ‘Missionaries of Mercy’ from our Solanus Casey Center’s confessors who will be making the pilgrimage to Rome. The Center hears over 20,000 confessions each year. This follows the tradition of our Venerable Solanus Casey, for whom the Center honors, whose compassion and mercy are well-known.

Accompanying Fr. Michael Sullivan on the pilgrimage to Rome will be Capuchin Friars Jim Hast, Steven Kropp, Bede Louzon, Patrick McSherry, Philip Naessens, Tom Nguyen, and Albert Sandor.

A solemn procession is planned February 5 to bring the remains to St. Peter’s of St. Padre Pio and St. Leopold Mandic, Capuchin friars and considered to be two of the great confessors of all time. Their remains are being moved to the basilica to remind pilgrims of the importance of confession and of lives given unconditionally to the service of announcing the divine mercy.

This is a pilgrimage to honor the merciful sacrament of confession in the presence of our Holy Father. Our Solanus Center’s ‘Missionaries of Mercy’ group will reflect on how God worked wonders of mercy in the lives and teachings of these two humble Capuchin friars and their dedication in the confessional.

Please keep our ‘Missionaries of Mercy’ in your prayers during their pilgrimage.