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God Uses Everything

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Chaos!  Turning on the news feels like preparing oneself for an onslaught.  Crisis here, scandals there, and so many things you thought you had a handle on are now up for grabs.  For spiritual people finding God in the midst of the craziness proves a challenge to say the least.

The Heart of Prayer

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Catherine Doherty offers a unique definition of prayer.  For Catherine the heart is central to our relationship with God.  Catherine Doherty is one of the people represented in the Beatitude Statues' grouping at the Solanus Casey Center.

You Are Invited!  Come As You Are

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Come as you are!  God wants to encounter all of you.  The Solanus Casey Center provides a peaceful place to do just that.

Success in God’s Eyes

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Titles, positions of power, and luxurious acquisitions are the ways the world judges success.  God's view as told in Matthew's Gospel is quite different.