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Nourishing the Soul


'Nourishing the Soul' was Father Solanus’ desire not only for himself but those who stepped into his life. Like the saints of old Father Solanus believed that whoever desired God already possessed God. Desiring to grow in one’s faith determined then how one was going to live their Christian life. But it always begins with a relationship with God, the kind of relationship that determines and shapes a person’s life how one carries out the love of God in their hearts. For Solanus his spiritual life meant a growing dependence on God in all things.

Hope in God’s Unexpected Goodness

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The Easter Season is filled with stories of the Risen Jesus bursting unexpectedly into human lives.  A hallmark of the Easter stories is the “unexpected” appearance of Jesus to the disciples.

An Amazing Story of Reconciliation

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God’s eternal work is reconciliation.  It is God’s eternal work because God is love and love unites. Lent is an excellent time to reflect on the importance of reconciliation.  A number of years ago I had a glimpse at how God works to facilitate our reconciliation with one another.

Year of Mercy Mass with the Capuchins

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Provincial Minister Michael Sullivan sends his greetings from Rome. This morning Fr. Michael and seven other friars from the Province of St. Joseph celebrated mass with Pope Francis. Fr. Michael reports that it was a wonderful experience. "I was honored to sit in the sanctuary with him for the mass. A huge crowd of Capuchins were present."