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Volunteers are needed!

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There is something truly peaceful and holy about the Solanus Casey Center! Would you like to spend more time here? Would you like to help pass on Solanus’ story? Volunteers are needed! 

Solanus Casey Center’s Pilgrims

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I often wonder why so many people, some religious and others not, some Catholic and other not, are attracted to the Solanus Casey Center. Every day, hundreds of pilgrims come to the Center for all kinds of reasons, and I often ask myself, "why are you here and what are you seeking."

Admonish Sinners: An Act of Mercy

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During the Year of Mercy it is worth reflecting on the Works of Mercy to enlighten us with ways to better integrate meaningful acts of mercy into our lives. At the Solanus Casey Center the Pewabic mosaics in the Hall of Saints depict the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy and offer practical ways to show mercy in our every day lives.

The Art of Listening with your Heart

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Fr. Solanus Casey’s biographers note that throngs of people would wait long hours in St. Bonaventure’s small waiting room in order to have Fr. Solanus’ ear.  It was well known that when Fr. Solanus met with someone, that person was Fr. Solanus’ sole focus.